F4 Trivision series
  • Type:YEAGO-F4
    Triangular prisms(cm):13.2
    Power source:ac220v/110v  50hz/60hz
    Stop time:6-99
    Turn mode:synchronization, wave, open.close

    The project of Shanghai Pudong International Airport Its a landmark trivision project in Shanghai city
    Frame Size(m):66(W)*7(H)* 2pcs / 52(W)*7(H) *2pcs

    Shanghai Pudong International Airport locates in the center of the triangular airline of Asia, Europe and AmericaIt handles about 80 million passengers every year and cargo by 5 million tons which is one of the most important air hub port all over the world

    Inner Mongolia locates in the border region of northern China, adjacent to Mongolia and Russia in the northwest,having broad prairie in the north, and widely distributed desert in the west. The winter of Inner Mongolia is long and endless with the lowest temperature dropped to -32C,and the cold season can last for half a year. The spring is windy and droughty with sand storm sweeping over quickly.

    Undergone all the destructive forces of low temperature and sand storm, supported and promoted by our regional agency, YEAGO trivision has steadily occupied the Inner Mongolian market with rising sales year by year.

    Ruian is a main birthplace of the"Wenzhou Model"  Aglie Market Model  Developed Nongovernmental Economy The production bases of the national leve's AMP.The industry bases of  Plastic & film  The production base of Package printing and medi cinemachine in China.The production bases of famed Fine Chemical Industry in china.

    Changing to the trivision display from the usual billboards in Ruian by YEAGOs lead and deploitation.The trivision display quantity is the most in China General advancing the city's quality Do a indelible contribution for Ruian's constructing


    The project of Longgang Station--Frame Size:98m*8.5m (9pcs) 
    The project rewrite the world's record that do the superhighconnector if the Trivision Display excess High 8MIts sufficient reveal the YEAGO quality's higher technology

    LongGang CHINA--The first farmer city in China,The most important  center of industry & economy and the most developed area of chinese's Nongovernmental economy between the Yangtze River Delta Region and thePearl River Delta Region in China