LED-Trivision Products

    YEAGO LED TRIVISION is made by special aluminum alloy three-prism, micro-computer control system and the three automatic protection (circuit overload, mechanical failure, air pressure automatic detection); day operation of low power consumption (3-4 watts / m2), life is more 8 years; during the day can be displayed three double effect, rhythm perfection, unparalleled; During the night is change the LED display, super-impact multimedia display full-color video, color uniformity, three-dimensional layered. And it is can be any player picture, national print, radio, television, video, VCD, DVD, and various three-dimensional animation; can display real-time synchronization with the computer VGA output display, application associated with the various Internet real-time remote communication media information. The ultra-large size, super shocking, perfectly complementary media, strong wind advantage is ordinary full-color display unable to match.

    YEAGO LED TRIVISION the price of only ordinary LED color 1 / 5, the power consumption of only ordinary LED color 1 / 4 brightness 3500cd/mPP2; maintenance so simple, the problem can be resolved within two hours, the installing so easy and so fast, widely used in outdoor advertising and speech, as the stage background,hotels, cafes, nightclubs, bars, clubs, KTV, banks, securities companies, department stores, Plaza, stadiums and other places; is the advertising industry's revolutionary patented product.

    YEAGO combine the strengths quality and the best service for yours. And we are keep special service system and the special cost for yours win more and more business order.