YEAGO[V] have engaged in advertising more than 20 years, have the best capacity for product development in advertising of China, and launching of new products continually; The new product we launched in 2009YEAGO V8 AD Vehicle design of the streamlined appearance, high-technology carbon fiber material(1/4 the weight of steel,7~9 times the strength of steel, anti-impact、anti-erode, widely used in the area of the outer covering of plane and rock、robots、automobile).Integrated power system、night-time running light、warning lamp and cab make a worker move the vehicle easily in a short distance. Further more, the vehicle with explosion proof tyre mostly ensure the security; The vehicle can drive 50km on one charge, and with the remote control system you can control the LED Screen lifting(lifting height--2m,the maximum height about 6m)and the hydraulically operated fixture(keep stable under strong wind).YEAGO V8 AD Vehicle is a breakthrough in AD industry.


    YEAGO V8 AD Vehicle using p10 full color LED screen, its consumption of electricity is 12KW,5kW per hour. Play all kinds of information by real-time, synchronous and clear information spreading way, Also can show two dimensions, three-dimensional animation, kinescope, TV program, VCD and live program. Colorful and three-dimensional sense make whether picture or movie have a good play quality. Anti-high temperature to 150 Celsius degree, anti-low temperature to -45 Celsius degree, the service life reaching 20 years. Any shape and size can be customized.


    YEAGO V8 AD VehiclesDirectional development、precise delivery、network coverage and monopolistic management in modern city; Clarity of property right、standard copy easily, all these make a unique Media LAN.

    YEAGO V8 AD VehiclesDesignated location and time to advertising precisely and densely, maximum to reduce the budget, which made the end-clients' advertising investment more efficient and precise.

    YEAGO V8 AD Vehiclesare used as a full color high-definition video perform platform of Advertisement issue、Press Releases、Sports events、Concert、Clothing Conference、Travelling exhibit、Exposition、Ceremony、Real Estate Opening Ceremony、Wedding Broadcast and Auction, it also used for modern outdoor performing arts .

    These years, the increment speed of traditional advertising has been lower and lower. In China's traditional advertising market in 2004, only online advertising keeps an increment speed of 67%, TV advertising is just 30% and newspaper ADS even didn't reach 20%.

    By using the highest technology of LED and operating system, YEAGO V8 AD Vehicle has following advantages: more stable in performance、lower power consumption、lower failure rate、higher definition and more colorful screen; can play all kinds of pictures、national languages、TV program、VCD、DVD and three-dimensional animation; Real-time synchronization with the computer VGA output display、real-time remote transmission associated with various Internet; Comparing with general display, it has a perfect appearance and give you a strong feeling of shock. The Vehicles are used for outdoor advertising、entertainment venue、gym and so on, you can move at any time. YEAGO V8 AD Vehiclethe outdoor advertising industry's revolutionary patented product on a global scale.

    YEAGO V8 AD Vehicle just ten vehicles can constitute a regional outdoor video network, realize remote-con nection, undertake regional coverage operational, which is suitable for national delivery and cross-border investment.