V8 LED Vehicles
  • Size: 6850x2000x1000mm
    Led screen Size: 4800x2400mm
    Hydraulic Lift: 1800mm 
    The series LED screen is P10 outdoor high definition full color, adjust brightness based on the outdoor light, auto-switch the images, can receive television signal. It is can showing the good images under the High temperature, low temperature and other severe weather. It is equipped with the driver room, the remote control device, the hydraulic stander, the special outdoor acoustics systems, ventilation, The color is optional.
    Appliance: it is can be living broadcast platform for the concerts, large parties, singing , the larger events hall. Also can be used as outdoor advertising network platform to publish video ads.


    六大优势 给力钜献

    Six Advantages Of YEAGO LED Vehicle


    1.Cab: Self-provided electric power,with independent cab, can drive 10km on one charge


    2.Safety: With night-time running headlight, turn light , rear warning lamp, astern voice prompt device, to increase the safe coefficient


    3.Composite fibre bodywork: Light weight, high strength, anti-impact, anti-erode,,and nonconductive.


    4.Remote control: Can control the LED Screen lifting(lifting height--2m,the maximum height about 6m)and the hydraulically operated fixture(keep stable under strong wind) by remote control.



    5.Explosion proof tyre: With solid explosion proof tyre,air-tight, anti-tip


    6.Theft protection system: Automatic lock braking System,High theftproof coefficient.