Six Advantages Of YEAGO LED Vehicle
  • Six Advantages Of YEAGO LED Vehicle

    1.Cab: Self-provided electric power,with independent cab, can drive 10km on one charge
    2.Safety: With night-time running headlight, turn light , rear warning lamp, astern voice prompt device, to increase the safe coefficient
    3.Composite fibre bodywork: Light weight, high strength, anti-impact, anti-erode,,and nonconductive.
    4.Remote control: Can control the LED Screen lifting(lifting height--2m,the maximum height about 6m)and the hydraulically operated fixture(keep stable under strong wind) by remote control.
    5.Explosion proof tyre: With solid explosion proof tyre,air-tight, anti-tip.
    6.Theft protection system: Automatic lock braking System,High theftproof coefficient.